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Mildred DelZoppoMildred M. DelZoppo passed, at home and with her family on March 25, 2024, she was a vibrant 93 years of age.

“Millie or Auntie Bunny” as she was known, was an avid sportswoman and enjoyed playing on several bowling leagues, playing golf, or just putting for fun. Millie married her husband, Vincent in 1958 and raised two sons, Vincent Jr and Thomas. She worked at the White Westinghouse company as a secretary, and as a male hair stylist. She joined the staff of the Chief Justice of the Massachusetts Probate Court, first in Dedham and then in Boston. She retired at age 72 and always said that she retired too early.

Milllie made friends easily and fit in almost anywhere, never speaking badly of anyone and using her quick wit and humor to disarm even the most difficult personality.

Millie was fun and unassuming; her husband came home to find her cooking for Peter Falk after they both attended a charity fundraiser; he asked her what he was doing there, and she said that he was hungry, and she was cooking for him.

Millie did not mind standing back and letting others receive the accolades; she would often spend the day with her husband, Vincent, teaching veterans to golf and listening to them as they told her about their time in the service or their time after they left and had to make their way after leaving the service.              

Millie enjoyed opera and Roy Orbison’s music, she always had music on in the kitchen while she cooked, and her sister would often say that “she could make a meal out of an ice cube”.  

Holidays were almost always at her and Vinnie’s home and you could stop in, anytime, and there would be something to eat and drink, even if you showed up and woke them from sleep.  

What Millie loved the most was her family, she never tired of being with her children, her sisters, nieces, and nephews-she cared for her mother in her final days before she married even leaving her job to work nights and be home with her.  

Never a complaint, fiercely loyal and quietly loving.

Millie’s family and friends will miss her but find solace in knowing that she has joined those who went before her, we are certain, and who greeted her with great anticipation and joy.

A memorial service will be held at St. Mary's Church, 420 High Street in Dedham, MA on Friday, May 24, 2024, at 10:00 am.

Interment will follow at the Massachusetts National Veterans Cemetery, Connery Avenue in Bourne, MA, at 2:00 pm.

Those wishing to attend are asked to meet just inside the main gate of the cemetery no later than 1:45 pm.