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Christopher C. MorneauChristopher Charles Morneau,

Affectionately known as Chuck, crashed the gates of Heaven on February 19, 2024, from his hometown in Beverly, Massachusetts. Chuck was a cherished member of the Beverly community often self-proclaimed or referred to as the Mayor of Ryal Side. Chuck was the neighborhood watch, he looked out for everyone. We used to joke that someday there would be a statue of him in this neighborhood. Often found “observing” from his front steps, he knew everyone, and if you were lucky enough to stop and talk to him, you were on your own because he could talk! Not known for his ability to end a conversation his family would walk away giggling for the poor soul trapped and trying to.

Chuck enjoyed music of all kinds, his endless knowledge of rock and roll was unmatched. If you could name the song title he knew the rest, which album, the year it was released, surviving band members, what kind of guitar was used, and who covered it. He was the music trivia champion. He was always impressed with his wife’s knowledge and would try to stump her in their many rounds of music trivia. He would say “If you can get this one, you are the champion”.

Chuck was an avid “collector”, he loved collecting old bottles, lanterns, tools, oil cans, newspapers, magazines, metal, glass, all the above and then some. He still had every concert t-shirt he ever owned. Anything rusty and old would find it’s way here just for the simple fact that it was cool. Hun, someday please guide me through this collection of yours, I know you will.

Chuck loved just being outside and could be found most times around his home busy doing something. He was an amazing carpenter, and he leaves behind many treasures built by his two strong hands. Most recently he had finally completed building a shed for himself that he had been working so hard on customizing to his own needs, he was proud of his progress, and we were so happy for him to have his own space for his master craft.

Chuck loved fishing, camping and ‘heading North’, North to the mountains. Chuck had fond childhood memories of his grandfather’s camp on Brandy Pond in Naples Maine.

Above all else, Chuck was a family man. His wife and his two boys were his world, and undoubtedly the best part of his entire life. He was a beyond proud Dad, actively involved from school plays, dances, baking cakes for Cub scout parties to beaming with Panther Pride at every football game and wrestling match.

Survived by his wife and best friend Jennifer Morneau who he met at the Topsfield fair on her 16th Birthday, and his two sons whom he loved fiercely, Rowan Morneau and Julian Morneau. Family and many great friends that he considered to be his family.

“I looked out this morning and the sun was gone, turned on some music to start my day, I lost myself in a familiar song, I closed my eyes and I slipped away”.

We will miss you forever. Husband. Father. Friend.