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Jonah Finn Amor

June 5, 2016 – November 26, 2021 

With profound sadness we announce the passing of our beloved Jonah Finn Amor.  Jonah became an angel on November 26, 2021, wrapped in the loving arms of his Mommy, his Shuza, and his big sister, and surrounded by his family.  

During the 5 and a half years of his life on earth, he was a dancer, a singer, a chef, a landlord, a gamer, a YouTuber, a brother, a son, a grandson, a nephew, a cousin, a friend, a patient, a student, a teacher, and a warrior.  Jonah enjoyed every day of his life to the fullest.  Some of his favorite activities were playing, talking, laughing and making others laugh, dancing and making others dance, cooking, boating, trick or treating, visiting the ice cream man, snacking on cherry tomatoes (but only the insides), “pizza like a dog”, and lollipops, and tossing water balloons and bouncy balls at his family.  He collected toys, guys, games and gaming devices, movies, apps, and Happy Meals.  He was a favorite regular at Target, Game Stop, and McDonald’s.  Home was his favorite place in the world.  

Jonah warrior’s valiant fight against ETMR, the rare, aggressive, and little-understood brain cancer from which he suffered, inspired the creation of The Jonah Finn Foundation, a non-profit that raises awareness and funds in support of vital and groundbreaking research towards a cure for this disease.  In his short life, Jonah was the catalyst for a major scientific breakthrough in the fight against his illness:  through donation of his diseased tissue, researchers were able to grow and replicate a metastatic ETMR cell line in 2021.  The significance of this achievement is profound.  Previously, there was only one ETMR cell line for use in preclinical research because of the many challenges associated with obtaining and culturing viable tumor cells, and effective treatments have remained elusive.  Jonah’s cell line is now being used in research laboratories around the world in the quest to find a cure for this devastating disease.  Jonah is a miracle who leaves a legacy in the scientific world of ETMR while sustaining hope in the lives of all those it affects.   

He is survived by his mothers, Suzy (Mommy) Amor and Erin (Shuza) DiMauro; his sister Anna Hodous; his grandparents Antonio (Vovô) and Adelia (Vova) Amor, Dean (Popi) and Anne (Grandma Anne) DiMauro, and Patty (Nana) O’Brien DiMauro; his aunts and uncles, Marta (Tia/Tita) Amor Baker, Russ (Uncle Russ) Baker, Reina (Auntie) DiMauro, Jeff (Uncle Jeff) Mayette, and Nicole DiMauro; his many cousins and friends, doctors and nurses around the world, and his dog/furry sister (Koda).  

Visitation (10:00 am) and funeral services (11:00 am) will be held at Saint Anthony of Padua in Cambridge, MA on Saturday, December 4.  Interment will follow at Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, MA.  Afterwards, we have reserved Portugalia Restaurant in Cambridge for lunch.  All are invited to these.  

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Jonah’s honor to the Jonah Finn Foundation:


Cambridge Massachusetts Covid – 19 guidelines, requires everyone attending MUST wear a mask while in the church.

Social distancing is recommended whenever possible.